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My name is Alexa. I'm a full-time accountant and a part-time calligrapher. I started Alexa B Calligraphy (the “B” is for my middle name!)  as an Instagram account back in 2018. I was working for a financial services company and studying for my CPA. Burnt out and in desperate need of a creative outlet, I bought a pack of brush pens and learned brush lettering in my spare time. At that point, I had never used a pointed pen and my only calligraphy experience consisted of doodles in the margins of notebooks.

I started teaching myself how to use a pointed pen and other methods of modern calligraphy, and eventually picked up a few wedding jobs through word-of-mouth. My Instagram account led to inquiries from brides and other prospective clients, and my hobby quickly turned into a side hustle. Years later, after tons of trial and error, I’ve done everything from wedding stationery to live engraving at events. Looking forward to working with you! 

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